Do Socially Active Brands Really Listen to their Consumers?

Do Socially Active Brands Really Listen to their Consumers?

From AOL in the mid-90s to Friendster and MySpace in the early 2000s to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in today’s day and age, social media’s presence in our daily lives has been increasing in leaps and bounds. We have all seen the numbers – as of June 2014, there were 1.32 billion active users on Facebook with Twitter not far behind, while the world’s population was about 7.15 billion. There are plenty of social media experts and blogs online offering advice on how to use social media to socialize and increase one’s audience – but how do you measure effectiveness? How do you turn all that socializing into investment returns?

Next time you are at a conference, client meeting, or even a family dinner with that cousin who constantly undermines your business, these are the magic words you need to use to explain the value of your social media presence – Social Media Listening Tools.

Your customers may be talking about you but who are they? What are they talking about? When do they engage with you? What are the other pages they visit? How would you listen to them and understand what they are saying? They know you, but do you know them? Social media is not simply a large loudspeaker – it is about getting people involved and keeping them involved. There may be billions of people and businesses that use social media but a very limited number of them use it effectively.

Image from the Harvard Business Review
Image from the Harvard Business Review

Know your audience:

The key to success is to know your audience. Listening tools help you do exactly that – you can learn the age, gender, dominant languages spoken, most commonly used words and terms, most important issues, geographic location, etc. of your audience. You can then customise your campaigns and product offerings to reach specific segments of your audience.

Listen to what your audience has to say about you:

Social media listening tools provide you with quantitative and qualitative metrics to measure how your own campaigns are doing. They help you analyse the instant feedback you receive from customers, and help you identify the key opinion leaders who are driving market opinions about your products and services. This makes it easier for you, as a business, to reach out and establish meaningful relationships with these thought leaders.

Listen to what your audience has to say about your competitors:

Social Media Monitoring can make you aware of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, hence improving your market intelligence. This in turn, helps you make the decisions you need to stay ahead of the curve. Using tools like Klarity, you can monitor exactly what your competitors are doing, whether it is working, and how you can offer something they are missing to gain that competitive advantage.

For instance, consider two well-known fashion brands – Zara and H&M. A comparative analysis of the social media presence of both these brands using Klarity shows that both brands have some of the largest fan bases on social media but both employ very different social media strategies. While Zara posts 5 wallposts on Facebook in a week, H&M posts 24. Due to that, the brands have very varied levels of user engagement. While they have almost the same number of followers on Facebook, H&M witnesses almost twice the amount of interactions with its consumers, making the brand feel a lot more personal and approachable. Similarly on twitter, while Zara has 560,664 followers, H&M has 4,071,922. This is also possibly a result of the fact that H&M tweets twice as much as Zara every week and hence, witnesses almost thrice as many interactions with consumers than Zara.

Social media allows businesses to gather intelligent data on customers’ experiences, understand their concerns and take action. So how do you go about monitoring and analyzing your social media presence? Klarity tracks, collects, segments, refines, analyses and interprets data.

Introducing Klarity

Klarity is a social media analytics tool that allows you to efficiently and effectively monitor your brand and gather social intelligence on your competitors. Klarity allows you to benchmark your social activity by measuring social influences and impacts. It is the ultimate social media analytics engine which monitors over 20,000 global brands across 10 social media platforms – including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; and even Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, LINE and WeChat – making it an essential tool for all businesses in global markets.


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This is what your business has been missing. This is what you need to become socially intelligent.